Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ryan Received his CALL!!

March 4th, 2009 Ryan opened his call!
Here is the link to see his video if you have Facebook!
The link:

It was wonderful experience!
Alan was in Monterrey, Mexico via phone - 9:30 P.m. I was here with Austin via phone- 10:30 p.m.
Ryan had over 80 people in the room when he opened his call (certainly a BYU thing). He had just attended 4 others that day.
LOL - His elders quorum president opened his only to later discover- they were to be going to the SAME mission together - reporting the same day.
He later learned at church on Sunday, when they read the mission calls that were called during the last week, 3 guys from his ward are going to Argentina Rosario Mission, reporting the same day!!! How cool is that!!! Wow! 8 were read that day, others were going to Czech Republic, Romania, Kentucky, 5 to Argentina! The wonders of the Lord!

Ryan's roommates in Snow Hall are getting their calls week after week after week of his. He is currently the first. Two of his summer roommates left one was for Colorado. It is a great time for these young men! Great group of boys! In fact his poor (same room) roommate seriously injured his hip joint and has to wait until its completely healed before he leaves. (Injured it playing football in Dec). Ouch!

Already Ryan is collecting spanish materials to read, his first Argentina Rosario Mission t-shirt from BYU bookstore- as soon as it becomes available, online spanish fun pages, looking up pictures & connecting with others that have gone to Rosario!

It will be a great mission.

His Uncle & Aunt Hoglund & family lived in Argentina for 2 years. Speaks the language and had lots to say about the people and culture.

From Wikipedia we learned: The most common ethnic groups are Italian and Spaniard (mostly Galicians and Basques).
There are also significant Germanic, Slavic, British, Irish and French populations.

Rosario lies on the ravine of the right-hand shore of the ParanĂ¡, about 24 m above mean sea level.
Here is a link to the map of Rosario:

Fun Fun fun!