Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Latest on Ryan

Ryan has been doing very well. He is in Argentina, close to the mission home actually. He is in Parana. It is a city of good size. The members have reported he is a humble missionary, gives freely of himself to serve the members. This is noticed by all the members.
Funny how the internet works, a member in the branch he is in, found me on Facebook and wrote me her thoughts, and to say he is loved. loves to eat and is doing well.
This month he decided the branch had sacrament meetings long enough without music, and decided when the chorister went up to conduct the music, he was going to go up and play the piano.
He says, I quote: "this week in sacrament meeting I tried something risky and
played the piano for the closing song. I kind of wanted to hear the piano for a
hymn so when the closing song came up I played the piano. It is funny because
when the chorister got up to sing, I got up with her and told her that I was
going to play. Then I did something risky, I changed the song (because I didn’t
know how to play the other one, and because they don’t have a wide variety of
songs they sing). I stood up and told the congregation that we were now going
to sing a different song, and it was funny because when I changed the song the
branch president just kind of shrugged his shoulders with the whatever-ok kind
of look. Then we sang "Love at Home", and afterwards the branch
president gave me a thumbs up. I didn’t exactly play it perfectly, but I’m
pretty sure that the people were just excited to hear a piano, no one plays in
their ward. I just felt I needed to do it. Now the presidency said they are
going to have me play for everything now, and they recruited me to play in ward
conference next week! I am scared now, because I don’t know that many songs. "

Way to go Elder Chapman!