Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Week in MTC Completed

Hola Familia!

So I made it through the first week here in the MTC, and all I can say is Amazing and Wow! The environment here is perfect in the sense that the spirit is everywhere, and is always with you, it is quite unique. I can truely testify that the gifts of the spirit are truely readily available to a missionary. I have had learned so much this past week, both in spanish and in gospel knowledge,and we are so busy that the only way that I have been able to handle it all is through a personal journal, a study journal, and a language journal. I must say that Journals are a wonderful thing. The days here are so long, yet becasue you are doing the same thing everyday all of the days and knowledge blend together. If I didnt keep these journals I must say I would forget half of it. ALso, there is literally NO frewe time except my gym time. Its good that I get a break to just relax and take an hour off to move around. From 6:30 am til about 10:30pm I am sitting about 85 percent of the time, so it is nice to have recreational activity almost everyday. At least in Argentina I will be able to walk 85 percent of the time!!
I have a pretty sweet companion, his name is Elder Swank. He is from sacramento california. He is cool, very outgoing and chilled like me. We teach pretty well together, and I must say that we have taught a lot so far. The only way to learn to be a good missionary is to practice by teaching alot, so we take every opportunity to teach that we can. By going to the Teaching Resource Center, the Teaching Evaluation Center, teaching each other, and signing up with teachers to teach them. It is so fun, and every time I do it I learn something new. Ever since we got here my campanion has been pretty sick, and has head random headaches and headpains. He found out today that he has a sinus thing, not sure what it is exactly, but it has persisted longer than the normal. Anyways, a couple days ago it was so bad that we had to go back to our room an 2 hours early at night becasue it was just so bad. Once we got back and had the opportunity to get him ready for bed I had the opportunity to give him a blessing. This was neat. It was kind of scary at first , but I didnt even double think it, and I just did it. It was cool to know that my whole mission I will have a companion there for me if anything happens to me at any time of the day!!
dad that is pretty sweet that you are satarting the stake young men on preach my gospel. i must say that that book is amazing, it is truely over 180 years worth of missionary service and advice in one book. it is truely amazing.
well im runngin out of time so i will just say that this place is amazing and that the gift of tounges is real. already i can pray in spanish, meet people, tell them what i am doing and who i am, bear my testimony, and i also know other words phrases and other stuff. in 3 weeks i have to start teaching lessons in spanish...well im excited, take care. im in good hands...oh and incase you didnt figure it out my pdays are on thurdays. and i didnt go the temple today becasue i had a meeting with the argentina consel during my time so next week...adios

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